Directions for ordering photos:

1. Navigate to your desired gallery.
2. Locate and click on a picture of your child.
3. Click on the Package (or item) you would like to purchase (these are located in a list on the right in blue)
4. Click continue on the next page to confirm the package and then follow the directions to choose the photos you desire for each item in the package. For example, you will need to choose your favorite photo for each 8x10, 5x7, and wallet that the package offers.
a. To see all photos in the gallery when choosing on this page, simply click on the “ALL” tab at the top of the left window and scroll.
5. When finished choosing your package photos, click on “Save to Cart”
6. You will likely see a pop up window indicating the items have been added to your cart. At this point, if you are finished with your order, you can click “View Cart”
7. Scroll through your order to ensure it is correct and when you are satisfied, click on “Checkout Now”
8. Follow the directions for payment options.

**Note, you can choose photos from multiple galleries in one order (ex: poster).

2014 Portraits

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2014 Portraits

Team Posters

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Team Posters